A fretted 6 string Headless

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Fretted 6 string Headless bass

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A few years after building my 5 string bass I started to have a desire to enter into the extended range on the bass...and that really means a sixer or seven. My five headless is a very strong and punchy sounding instrument. But it's string spacing is a very tight, 15mm. Rob Green (Status-Graphite) who sold me the headless hardware used to like tight string spacings. These days he uses wider spacings and there's a lot more choice in the market place too. Both Hipshot and ABM make some really good headdless hardware, although I still think that Rob Green's design for the head piece is the best ever designed...sorry Steinberg. But it's the truth. So I want to build an instrument with a far friendler 18 or 19mm string spacing. I want it to be headless as a replacement to my 5 string bass (I love that bass, but it's not the right sound for my church worship).

I have the neck billet from my last bass, maple, wenge and purple heart. It'll suit this bass well. I plan to use a Purple heart fingerboard and maybe a pair of Kent Armstrong string humbuckers. Although I am rather impressed by the Nordstrand pickups I used on my last bass. The construction will be all-though headless. It'll be fretted...I have to admit after all these years, I'm still not very good on a fretless. So fretted it is!

Much has changed in the bass parts industry and I can now choose from a number of headless systems. The hipshot system looks good, I'll certainly be using their head piece, it's the closest I can get to Rob Green's design. I like the individual tuners which I used on my seven string headless. I can buy simular units from ABM or Bass parts.

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The body shape is a new design...very 80's inspired.

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I'd like to find some rosewood for the body caps. I may consider Cocobolo...but I'd rather find something darker for the top. Zirocote maybe?

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The Neck will be a 5 laminated all through construction, made from Maple, Purple heart and Wenge.

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I will be using a Meridian 3 band EQ for this bass. ---------- o ----------