A Warwick influenced 4 string Thru neck for my Son

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Bass 9

Fretted 5 string thru neck bass

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My Son Peter, has taken up bass and already has two basses in his collection. He's asked me to build him a bass that reflects his choices with a view that it adds to his existing array of basses. Peter wants a PJ 5 string with a Thru neck construction.

Peter liked the neck billet I used for Lydia's 5 String Paisley and there's enough for a thru neck and headstock.

Peter liked the Paduak I have in stock for the 2 piece body wings. The neck billet a Paduak 3/4" core, with 3/4" Purple heart and Wenge laminates either side. Making a structural and visually strong neck.

The Nordstrand 51 Hum cancelling Precision pickup is high on Peter's list and I'll add a hum cancelling Jazz to this too. Maybe in a Bart Soap bar, so he can drop in other pickup choice later down the road. Maybe on of the new Nordstrand Big Rig pickups would tonally work well.

The bridge is a Hipshot with 19mm spacing. The tuners will be hipshot ultralites in black

Electrics will be passive.

The bodyshape may be the 5 String P bass, or it might be the same as my first bass...

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This bass will padauk body wings, bright Red.

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The Neck will be a 3 piece laminated all through construction. Using Wenge / Purpleheart and Wenge sandwich.

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