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Bass 2

A Bass for Church

A Headless 5 String hollow body.

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For church I need a Bass whch is very small compared to regular basses, it needs to be light so that I can cope with wearing it for 3 hrs if neccesary. The bass must have a wide range of tones and be very versitile. Also Church worship is often played in unusual keys, such as Ebm, so a 5 string will mean less hand position changes are required. A Headless design would give a shorter overall instument length whilst staying with the 34 scale. Either two humbuckers with coil taps or a single jazz and a humbucker would give a huge array of tones. I would also like to try a Piezo pickup as well. I can reduce the weight of the instrument by making it hollow bodied. This will help give the Bass a distinctive sound and make it light. The only thing I have to be wary of is that headless instuments can have unusual balance problems.

Here are two early design sketches which I designed last year. I think the design is quite fancy and will look good in Church and I think the design works well as a headless. I will use a fairly deep body so the body cavities can be of a useful size. A through neck as usual but this time I will try a darkwood, walnut looks attractive and I have heared it is quite light weight compared with maple. I'll use a Walnut, Maple, Walnut sandwich.