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A List of Suppliers & Links
Wood Suppliers

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All the various woods in the contruction of this bass were sourced from Sound Wood, a part of Craft Supplies Ltd. The Mill, Millers Dale. Nr Buxton Dearbyshire SK17 8SN. tel: 01298 871636 They are very helpful and can advise alternative woods if the exact requirements can't be sourced. Also they offer a very quick mail order service and will take some digital photos of some of the more exotic woods before purchase..

Pickup Choice

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Kent Armstrong Pickups from Rainbow Products, Ashford. I generally specify his magnetic pickups. he does a very reasonable "Sky" budget range which can be bought "off-the-shelf". These pickups are of a very high quality and beat many other top list manufactures for tone.

In addition I have fitted several pairs of custom wound pickups, a seven string humbucking Jazz pair (very nice tone) and a six string pair (a humbucker alnico Jazz and a big ceramic humbucker). His turn around is less than a week (including postage time!) and his costs are very reasonable.

I have also specify "Highlander" Piezo/Co-axial pickups for acoustic/EUB sounds and I have to say that I am more than impressed them.

Various Hardware

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Status-Graphite supplied me with the wonderfull headless systems in gold and black along with a few 2 way truss rods and a pair of Carbon rods

Touchstone Tonewoods have supplied a lot of parts for me. I used to buy my box truss rods from them, before I bought the 2 way ones from Status-Graphite. Touchstone are the UK importer of Schaller hardware, so this is where I bought most of my Tuners. they also do a good range of fret wire, binding and some Lutherie tools.           

Pincotts are a small mail order company in Dorsett and they are the UK stockists for "ALLPARTS". I get most of my electrics, strap buttons and screws. Most Bass stuff is put on back order from the USA though.

Luthiers Merchantile International; some times there is no substitute than going direct to a big USA guitar parts supplier! I have bought several top quality 35" scale rosewood fingerboards from them and the price was very reasonable(except that I got a nasty import duty bill!).

David King of King Bass made my 7 string headless head cap (which I am forever in his debt for!). David is a real gentleman and offered to hand mill this item for me, allowing the 7 string project to go ahead.

Hipshot Products have supplied me with their excellent range direct from the USA and they do some great stuff. I have used both their A and B style bridges and I have fitted their ULTRALITE tuner to 2 basses. I love their range and would recomend using their gear if you were thinkng of building a bass yourself..


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Jack read of Read Custom Instruments supplied me with many sets of Bartolini pre-amps and pots. Jack does some great work and his web site shows a small selection of his creations, well worth a visit.