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Bass 3

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Wood Choice

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I was on holiday in Derbyshire, near to where Craft Supplies are located. I was so close I decided to drop in and buy a little wood for my next project. In fact I bought enough for my next three projects!

The first Bass I bought the wood for is a fretless version of my "4 string" project. In most details this Bass will be similar to its sister, but I can improve upon the design a little (After 2 years use there are a few details I would like to change, like where I put the jack plug-I got it completely wrong first time around). Steve Lawson had a go of the 4 string fretted and asked me what the body wood was. When I told him that it was Mahoganny, he looked a little unimpressed. I don't know why it's not used more in Basses, it's such a good tone wood, although a bit heavy. I presume that in comparison to some of the more exotic looking African woods, it does look a little bland, and its name conjures up school cloak rooms. So I have desided on Paduak for the body instead. It has a brighter red/orange colour with lots of nice streaks running through its grain. It also has a very nice tap tone.

I want to keep the basic shape of the original and I like the contrasting colours of the maple and darker wood, so I have stuck with maple for the neck. It's so stable and I like the lighter colour running next to the Paduak. I will also run a " Paduak stripe through the neck in the same way to the first bass. I have bough some Asian Marbled Ebony for the fingerboard, which is really impressive, but it may be a bit fussy for this bass.


34"Scale slotted Marbled fingerboard A

2x 48"x2"x1" Maple Neck Laminates

48"x2"x " Paduak Neck Laminate

2x 21"x14"x2" Paduak Body Blanks