Project 1

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I chose a Single Music Man Style Pick-up linked to a 6 way rotary switch. This utilizes every possible wiring configuration for this type of unit.

  1. Series Humbucker. Classic Music Man Configuration
  2. Parallel Humbucker. More power and deeper, almost a Precision Sound
  3. Bridge Single Coil. Similar to a Jazz
  4. Neck Single Coil. Similar to a Jazz
  5. Parallel Out of Phase. A great clanky sound
  6. Series Out of Phase. Even clankier!

The rest of the controls are

  1. Volume (Active/Passive)
  2. Bass (Active only +/- 15db)
  3. Treble (Active only +/- 15db)

The Active circuit is activated by plugging in a battery and inserting the lead to the jack. Without a battery, the bass is in passive mode (no switch is required).

The 2 Strap buttons allow the bass to stand up against my amp without the need of a stand.

The Tuners are made by Schaller (Only the best), featuring "Propeller" style heads.

An "All Through Neck" is when the neck is made from different layers of wood sandwiched together and run the whole length of the bass. This helps the Tone, strength and stability of the neck. It also looks nice.

The body top and underside are carved to a radius. This not only looks nice it is really comfortable too.

A separate battery compartment is routed into the body so that I don't have to use a screw driver to get the battery out, leaving the rest of the electrics undisturbed.

The Strings are Loaded Through the body at the Bridge


Here you can see the 10 deg angled back head. This negates the use of a string tree and allows an even down force across the strings

You can also see the volute clearly. This increases mass around the neck/headstock's weakest point. Which in theory should also increase sustain.

The zero fret is nice, it presents the strings to the nut at the right height and when an open string is played there is no tone differance between an open note and a fretted note

The Fingerboard is top grade Asian Striped Ebony, only the best! The Neck is a Maple and Mahogany sandwich.