Bass 2


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5 String Headless Design

Thick 34" Scale Premium Grade Ebony Fingerboard

Double Ball end or Normal string fixings

2 Octave Fingerboard with good access to the 24th Fret

Humbucker and Jazz single coil Magnetic Pickups

Hollow Body design (Light weight and good tone)

Bartolini Active 3 Band EQ with a 3 way Mid switch

Solid Brass Hardware

Piezo Pickup under the bridge

Ebony Knobs

Single Truss Rod

Fully Adjustable Bridge


Perfect Balance Either sitting or Standing

Satin Finish to the Neck for fast playing

All through Walnut and Maple 5 Piece Laminated Neck

Ash Body with a Black Veneer Coachline

2 Bottom Strap Buttons so no stand is required

Neutric Locking Jack

Easy Access to the 9v Battery