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Bass 2

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Wood Choice

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I started with the neck this time. I wanted to use a dark wood sandwich and after reading several Bassist mags I fancied a Walnut neck with a single thin 1/4 in maple stripe.

The fingerboard will be Black Ebony

The body was a bit more difficult. Originally I was going to build a 4 string fretless as my next bass but needs soon changed my mind. As much as I want a fretless (I recently handed a Custom Washburn 5 str Fretless back to friend after a long term lend and I miss it already) I really need a bass optimised for Church - One that doesn't give me such neck strain, is compact and versatile.

Becuase this Bass is to be hollowed out under the top cap, the body wood's choice is expanded, because I can use heavy woods with the safe knowledge that the hollow chambers will loose half of the weight. After talking to Melvyn Hiscock, he advised (he is a source of excellent ideas) some heavy Ash. Ash has such a lovely figuring that takes a transparent laquer very well.

But the Ash on it's own wasn't realy lighting my fire and I needed a top cap to hide the hollow chambered routs. I decided to use it but use a dark 3/8" top. I  wanted Cocobolo but my favorite woodyard had run out and wasn't expecting a re-supply any time soon (something about an African Civil War). Instead Duncan offered me some Dark Rosewood which I jumped at the chance. The idea was to give the bass a dark mass with a few thin maple stripes for highlights. On recipt of the Rosewood I was surprised to see a green/brown colour, where I was hoping for a Red/Black colour. I had a few reservations but I still went ahead and used it and now I love it and am glad I didn't get the Cocobolo - this is a far more unusual choice.

The Full latin name for this Rosewood is Dalbergia.latifolia, but some times is known as East Indian rosewood. But a far more common name is Sonokeling Rosewood.

I also bought some black venir from Crispins in London. this will give a nice coachline effect on the sides of the Ash.


A 34" slotted Ebony fingerboard

2x 21"x14"x2" light coloured Ash Body Blank

2x 48"x2"x1" Walnut Neck Laminates

1x 48"x2"x1.4" Maple Neck Laminate

Notice the Bees Wax on the end of the planks. This is to prevent warping at the woodyard when in storage.