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Most of my 1" stock is quarter sawn or very nearly. the thinner laminates are half quartered and half flat sawn. Mike and I finalised on a " Wenge core, sandwiched by " Maple, " Paduak and framed with a 1" Maple slab either side.

Mike's choice of Amazaque is one of distinction, he chose my best piece with the most curl. This is a bookmatched 1" set which will have a " maple Tone plate and a " AAA Cocobolo top. With the 3 body woods, this Bass will look very exclusive.

After a long hard plaining, scraping and sanding session, the figure is starting to really come out.

This Ovankl is in a semi-finished state. It's been plaines, scraped and sanded to 240 grit but still has a lot further to go.


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Wood Choice

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Mike inspected my wood offerings and after seeing my selection of Flamed Amazaque/Ovankol, he really fell in love with a particular 1" bookmatched set which he wants to use for the body. Naturally he selected the best pair, which has a very distinctive flame, almost like a Zebra stripe. Mike really likes Cocobolo. So much that it was his prefered choice for the body top. Unfortunately it's very pricey and hard to find, for a AAA quality 3\8" pair it's about £100. Also it can be difficult to glue directly to Amaqaque because of the oily nature of both woods. So I suggested a " maple tone plate mated to a " Cocobolo top. This would be cheaper, add a little brightness to the tone and create a nice contrast between the honey coloured Ovankol and the deep crimson Cocobolo. Mike wants the top to cover the entire face of the bass hiding the through neck from the front, tricky but worthwhile.

Hmm I'd prefer it in Black!

The Neck was a much simpler choice, two Maple 1" laminates would make the frame, sandwiching the inner laminates. The centre core will be a " Wenge core with " maple either side. Sandwiched between " Paduak and finally the 1" maple either side. These combinations are a little ligher than the body tonally but combined to the body should create a fresh, deep sounding bass. It will also look very nice as well. The wenge when it is laquered will t look nearly black but with chocolate coloured grain lines.

For the fingerboard, Mike chose Ebony. "I want Black" he said, "Blacker than black", I tried to tempt him with a lovely Wenge board "That's nice he said but it's not black enough", or how about an ultra rare exotic Madagascar Marbled Ebony sir? "Hmm that's very nice but I'd like it without those wavy lines" so he got a very black Ebony board, which I will coat in a sheen of blackness.

Mike definetly wants a shiny glossy laquered finish! With black hardware this bass is going to look very desirable!

This is the Cocobolo which Mike selected for his 6 string and hasn't been sanded yet, it's still got the saw marks from the wood mill. I had two book matched sets in stock, so Mike had a choice. This set's from the same log billet that my two seven string sets came from, in fact a lot of the figuring is very simular.

Cocobolo looks so good with a glossy laquered finish, it reminds me of a freshly opened conker.


21"x14"x " Cocobolo AAA Grade Bookmatched top

21"x14"x " Maple Book matched tone plate

21"x14"x1" AAA Flamed Ovankol Bookmatched Body blank

2x 48"x2"x1" Maple Neck Laminates

2x 48"x2"x" Paduak Neck Laminates

2x 48"x2"x " Maple Neck Laminates

48"x2"x " Wenge Neck Laminate

34"x3"x" Ebony Finderboard